I've been using Adobe's Creative Suite software for a while, and decided to design my own take on the now-standard "Periodic Elements"-style CS application icons. While I did recently gain some interesting perspective and appreciation for the thinking behind the most recent iteration (CS 6) from Adobe's design team, I still wanted something more nuanced and multi-dimensional than the official icons. I hope you enjoy them!


The icons are free to download from the links on the left, and are available in ICNS format for Macs, and ICO format for Windows PCs.


The Mac ICNS files are HiDPI resolution, which means they're optimized to look great on all screens, including Mac Retina Displays!


To read more about the project, check out this blog post.

Ever since the release of the iPad, I've been doing most of my reading electronically. As I started building my personal e-library of Bahá'í sacred texts, I realized how difficult it was to find high-quality cover art for the books -- never mind a unified set of high-resolution art. I decided to create my own, fulfilling my goals of cohesion, beauty, readability, quality, and accessibility.


This has become my most popular project, gaining international recognition particularly after I partnered with Bahá'í eBooks Publishing to bring my covers to their vast collection of Bahá'í sacred texts. You can download the entire set of covers for free here, or see and download all the individual covers from this section of this site.


You can also read more about the design process at this blog post.

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